Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The dark room

There was a dark room with a faint light that was barely visible to the naked eye. This dark room was cold, and had a feeling of a small whirlwind holding everything in place, not just holding them, but trapping them against their will. The whirlwind with it's grip so tight it couldn't even be cut with a knife if that were to be attempted.

There was a golden tear that hit the floor in this dark room. A plea to not be trapped anymore, for more light, for more. The golden tear bounced on the cold dark floor, the plea was heard but did not make it known that it had been heard.

Time continued to pass, seconds turned to minutes, hours and days. Then suddenly the golden tear began to glow, it didn't know it was glowing, but it certainly was glowing brighter by the moment, and the darkness in the room began to fade. The whirlwind seized, and the cold feeling went away and was replaced by a very glowing warmth.

Nothing in the room was trapped anymore, it was just so used to being trapped it didn't recognize the new freedom surrounding it. Unsure of the new warmth it wasn't used to, it still felt a little cold, but the cold was vanishing surely it would be gone before long. Opportunity knocked at the door, and the golden tear answered, it had been heard, and now it knew it had been heard.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Better World

The world as we know it is one filled with many people who are in a position to help others, and many who are in need of help. Looking around I see quite often plenty of opportunities to help others, some which are unavoidable, and others that are easy to pass by without helping at all.

In an effort to make this world a better place for all those whom I associate with, I have determined that it will be easiest to start by making myself a better person. Through the process of making myself a better person, one who is more willing to step up and help others in need when and where I can, that is how I can help to make the world a better place, and perhaps through that effort others may also desire to do the same.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Leap of Faith

There I stood knowing what was in front of me, what to expect in just a few minutes time. Waiting was going to take a while with no certainty on when the journey would begin, and when it finally did the climb would seem like forever, but the view would be amazing. Looking around everyone else seemed either nervous, anxious, or even frightened. However I remained calm, almost completely unfazed as if this was just another day, business as usual.

When the time finally came, we all waved good bye and started to climb the ladder to get on board, I was the second in the group to get on. We started moving while the door was still open, but only for a moments time and then it was shut. Just a few seconds later and the ascent began, up slowly upward we climbed. Looking out the window I couldn't help but thinking how magnificent everything outside looked, and the further away we got the more majestic it looked.

Several minutes later we reached the plateau just a mere two miles up, the door was opened, and with a leap of faith two went out, a moment later two more, one more moment and then it was my turn. I took a big deep breath and held it right when jumping out and immediately doing a back flip afterwards. At this time I looked down and saw there was nothing but air between the earth and me. As I plummeted downward I felt completely weightless and free, time slowed down, the wind was blowing pretty fast, and the ground didn't really seem to be moving any closer. If anyone ever felt like they were flying as a bird would soar through the sky, then this is how they would have felt at that exact moment.

Almost as quickly as the descent began, it slowed back down again, with a lot of pressure applied to the straps hoisting me up. It was at this time the earth started to appear as if it were coming closer. With every turn more pressure would be applied momentarily reminding me that I am both alive, and tremendously glad the harness was fit properly. After a few minutes of coasting downward, all the while everything kept getting larger and undoubtedly closer, the ground came to my feet and I slid in to where I was firmly planted on the earth once again. Looking around everyone seemed both excited and relieved, that we were all alive and unscathed.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Change, everyone's good enough for some change!

This has been a year of many changes so far. The year began by living alone, that quickly changed into having a very cool roommate, which lasted for a few months, until we both moved. The initial stress of packing and moving, took place during the time when the semester was wrapping up, and finals were underway. Now I have three very cool roommates living in an environment that is all around more positive, and much more to my liking. Change, yes that was a big change, but a good one.

Just as soon as I got settled in at the new residence, a more interesting and challenging job opportunity arose, with much thanks to a great friend. After spending some time jumping through the hoops necessary that one would and should expect, I was able to accept this challenge. Now moving into more interesting and uncharted territory on this journey through life, I am surrounded by good people that I didn't know just a couple months ago, and good old friends that I wouldn't want to give up for the world.

The last couple months have been full of change, almost everything I was comfortable with on a daily basis is different now. New challenges are here and giving great opportunities to grow and expand where I could not before. A few new long term goals have been set, some old ones renewed. Most importantly I am able to draw strength and courage, to face the unknown and all the great things that wait just ahead, from those whom I care about and have helped me much along this great journey we call life. After all, we are all in it together, until we're not, and it's helping each other along the way that makes life truly fulfilling and worthwhile. With all that everyone else is and has been helping me, I am forever indebted to help those around me, until the day I stand no more.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Springing into Action

Spring is here. This year has been good so far bringing with it something that I have been long awaiting. The sensation of a challenge, one that I am able to just dig my feet into the ground and work hard in my own way instead of everyone else's, toward anything I want to change starting internally and moving outwardly. Change is good, and this is me springing into action, making preparations toward many changes for the better that are to come this year. More to follow as those changes occur.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brief Update

Yeah I know it's been a while since posting anything on here. This school semester has been more work than was anticipated. The good news is that 2009 is still looking to be a great year with slow and steady progress on all fronts, progress at the cost of more work than usual this time around. The price of hard work seems very doable. Here's to the continuation of a great 2009!