Sunday, June 28, 2009

Change, everyone's good enough for some change!

This has been a year of many changes so far. The year began by living alone, that quickly changed into having a very cool roommate, which lasted for a few months, until we both moved. The initial stress of packing and moving, took place during the time when the semester was wrapping up, and finals were underway. Now I have three very cool roommates living in an environment that is all around more positive, and much more to my liking. Change, yes that was a big change, but a good one.

Just as soon as I got settled in at the new residence, a more interesting and challenging job opportunity arose, with much thanks to a great friend. After spending some time jumping through the hoops necessary that one would and should expect, I was able to accept this challenge. Now moving into more interesting and uncharted territory on this journey through life, I am surrounded by good people that I didn't know just a couple months ago, and good old friends that I wouldn't want to give up for the world.

The last couple months have been full of change, almost everything I was comfortable with on a daily basis is different now. New challenges are here and giving great opportunities to grow and expand where I could not before. A few new long term goals have been set, some old ones renewed. Most importantly I am able to draw strength and courage, to face the unknown and all the great things that wait just ahead, from those whom I care about and have helped me much along this great journey we call life. After all, we are all in it together, until we're not, and it's helping each other along the way that makes life truly fulfilling and worthwhile. With all that everyone else is and has been helping me, I am forever indebted to help those around me, until the day I stand no more.