Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The gift of 2008

The end of year is almost here and with it comes a tender reflection of the good and bad that was had. To end the year I will summarize some of the things that stood out the most during my recollection.

The gift was an unwinding of some major stress after 2007 ended with shaking up every major area of my life and all at the same time. The beginning of this year brought much needed stability back, which allowed for the unwinding of stress so tight that I literally thought I might snap. Oh the wondrous joy of being able to relax, and I mean really relax.

After being able to finally relax, another gift was to be had, confidence. The kind that probably exceeds all reasonable standards and trespasses into the borders of arrogance. And I pushed myself hard into directions which previously just the thought of had terrified greatly. Yes this includes public speaking. As you know I can be the shiest person on this earth, and the thought of having an audience is not that pleasant. And so living by the mantra, "if it scares me I'm going to overcome it", I was able to face many fears head on. Most turned out well, but others served as reminders to be perhaps just a little more humble, if not a lot more.

Then there was trouble, and with it, the gift of many more lessons. What a thing it is to feel smaller than a grain of sand while contemplating the vast greatness of the universe, and yet know at the same time the worth of each individual person is much richer and greater than that of the sun or the moon. What an exhilarating perspective that is.

At first glance 2008 did not seem such a good year, but after a bit of reflection I realize just how rich and blessed it actually was. Here's to 2009 and hoping it is every bit as good as this year was.

What a gift it is to just be alive, to have family, and friends that care about us. To have people we don't know helping us in times of need. Each day is a gift, an opportunity to do better, to learn from mistakes, to enrich the lives of those around us. Yesterday is past, tomorrow may not come, but today is a gift and an amazing one at that.

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Weregoose said...

Throughout the last several years of my life, I've had to endure an undiagnosed sense of constriction inside my head. At times, this has slowed my thoughts, and even made me confused and frustrated.

More and more these past few months, however, as my brain closes in on the final stages of its 20-some years of development, I've found the pain easier to cope with.

My facial structure feels less cold and more animated, I stare out into space less often than I used to, and my eyes seem to be able to breath better. It's still not up to par, nor may it ever be, but it's an improved condition nonetheless.

What I anticipate in the new year is for this to continue. But, I also recognize that even if I don't get physically better, my mood already has. I feel that I can do more with a mind that is slowly starting to break out of its barrier.

I have much to look forward to in 2009.