Monday, March 30, 2009

Springing into Action

Spring is here. This year has been good so far bringing with it something that I have been long awaiting. The sensation of a challenge, one that I am able to just dig my feet into the ground and work hard in my own way instead of everyone else's, toward anything I want to change starting internally and moving outwardly. Change is good, and this is me springing into action, making preparations toward many changes for the better that are to come this year. More to follow as those changes occur.


Blake said...

Ah yeah! Jon is back! =D

Weregoose said...

I appreciate it when one can pause for a moment, look backward, and see the progress that he or she is making. By reevaluating the ever-growing foundation below, it becomes less and less intimidating to catapult oneself to higher goals without the worry of everything coming tumbling down.

Those who only manage to stare incessantly at their present footholds likely won't be ascending anytime soon.