Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The dark room

There was a dark room with a faint light that was barely visible to the naked eye. This dark room was cold, and had a feeling of a small whirlwind holding everything in place, not just holding them, but trapping them against their will. The whirlwind with it's grip so tight it couldn't even be cut with a knife if that were to be attempted.

There was a golden tear that hit the floor in this dark room. A plea to not be trapped anymore, for more light, for more. The golden tear bounced on the cold dark floor, the plea was heard but did not make it known that it had been heard.

Time continued to pass, seconds turned to minutes, hours and days. Then suddenly the golden tear began to glow, it didn't know it was glowing, but it certainly was glowing brighter by the moment, and the darkness in the room began to fade. The whirlwind seized, and the cold feeling went away and was replaced by a very glowing warmth.

Nothing in the room was trapped anymore, it was just so used to being trapped it didn't recognize the new freedom surrounding it. Unsure of the new warmth it wasn't used to, it still felt a little cold, but the cold was vanishing surely it would be gone before long. Opportunity knocked at the door, and the golden tear answered, it had been heard, and now it knew it had been heard.

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